SUN TRANSFER TECH PLC is a technology company involved in the field of renewable energy mainly on solar photo voltaic systems with the scope of System sizing, assembling, import, installation, commissioning and training.


sun-transfer Tech plc envisages a community, a country, and eventually a world supplied with green energy, energy for purposes as limitless as the sun itself and not limited to powering satellites only.


To become Ethiopia leading renewable energy supplier and contribute to the country development through active participation by providing appropriate renewable energy to both urban and rural populace and making modernization a reality through rendering sustainable energy access and services at affordable prices.


The core objectives of sun-transfer tech are the transfer, adoption and diffusion of Renewable Energy Technology (environmentally sound and sustainable technology) such as Solar PV and Solar Thermal for the realization of sustainable livelihoods in rural and urban population. The Company aims to create capacity and capability in simple energy management techniques through technology know-how transfer of PV and wind power Technology. The company looks energy upon from a quality of life perspective in moving people away from the kerosene lamp and to provide basic services for lighting and entertainment, as a first step. The second step is to provide the technology for productive use and social services to upscale economic activities which will bring higher incomes, more jobs, and a better quality of life from improved lighting, power, and social services.

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